Seton Ernest Thomson

seton ernest thomson

Ernest Thomson Seton (14.8. 1860 South Shields, Anglie – 23.10. 1946 Seton Village, USA)

ilustrátor, spisovatel, zakladatel woodcrafterského hnutí


Mammals Of Manitoba (1886)
Birds Of Manitoba, Foster (1891)
How to Catch Wolves, Oneida Community (1894)
Studies in the Art Anatomy of Animals, Macmillan (1896)
Wild Animals I Have Known, Scribners (1898), česky vyšlo jako Divoké děti lesů.
The Trail of The Sandhill Stag, Scribners (1899)
Lobo, Rag, and Vixen, Scribners (1899)
The Wild Animal Play For Children (Musical), Doubleday & Curtis (1900)
The Biography of A Grizzly, Century (1900)
Lobo (1900)
Ragylug (1900)
American Printing House For The Blind, Wild Animals I have Known (NY point system) (1900)
Pennsylvania Institution for the Blind Four Books In Braille: Lobo, Redruff, Raggylug, Vixen (1900)
Lives of the Hunted, Scribners (1901)
Twelve Pictures of Wild Animals (no text) Scribners (1901)
Krag and Johnny Bear, Scribners (1902)
How to Play Indian (1903)
Two Little Savages, Doubleday (1903), česky vyšlo jako Dva divoši
How to Make A Real Indian Teepee, Curtis (1903)
How Boys Can Form A Band of Indians, Curtis (1903)
The Red Book (1904)
Monarch, The Big Bear of Tallac, Scribners (1904)
Woodmyth and Fable, Century (1905)
Animal Heroes, Scribners (1905)
The Birchbark Roll of the Woodcraft Indians (1906)
The Natural History of the Ten Commandments, Scribners (1907)
Fauna of Manitoba, British Assoc. Handbook (1909)
Biography of A Silver Fox, Century (1909)
Life-Histories of Northern Animals (2 Volumes), Scribners (1909)
BSA: A Handbook of Woodcraft, Scouting, and Life-craft, Including General Sir Baden-Powell's Scouting for Boys. Doubleday and Page for the Boy Scouts of America (1910)
The Forester's Manual, Doubleday (1910)
The Arctic Prairies, Scribners (1911)
Rolf In The Woods, Doubleday (Dedicated to the Boy Scouts of America). Note: Full text is available on-line, thanks to Ted Soldan and the holders of the copyright. (1911), česky jako Rolf zálesák
The Book of Woodcraft and Indian Lore (1912), česky jako Kniha lesní moudrosti
The Red Lodge, private printing of 100 copies (1912)
Wild Animals At Home, Doubleday (1913)
The Slum Cat, Constable (London) (1915)
Legend of the White Reindeer, Constable (London) (1915)
The Manual of the Woodcraft Indians (1915)
Wild Animal Ways, Doubleday (1916)
Woodcraft Manual for Girls (1916)
The Preacher of Cedar Mountain, Doubleday (1917)
Woodcraft Manual for Boys; the Sixteenth Birch Bark Roll by Ernest Thompson Seton. Published for the Woodcraft League of America, Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, Page & Company, 1917. 441 pp., illus. and music. (1917)
The Woodcraft Manual for Boys; the Seventeenth Birch Bark Roll by Ernest Thompson Seton. Published for the Woodcraft League of America, Inc. Garden City, New York Doubleday, Page & Company, 441 pp. Illus. and music. (1918)
The Woodcraft Manual for Girls; the Eighteenth Birch Bark Roll, Published for the Woodcraft League of America, Inc. Garden City, New York, Doubleday, Page & Company, 424 pp. Illus. and music. (1918)
Sign Talk of the Indians, Doubleday (1918)
The Laws and Honors of the Little Lodge of Woodcraft., 8 vo. Published at Cheyenne, Wyo. August. 4th edition. (1919)
The Brownie Wigwam; The Rules of the Brownies. Fun outdoors for boys and girls under 11 years of age. Woodcraft League of America, N. Y. 8 vo., 7 pp. 5th edition, the first being part of the Birch Bark Roll for 1906 (1921)
The Buffalo Wind (1921)
Woodland Tales (1921)
The Book of Woodcraft (1921)
The Book of Woodcraft and Indian Lore; Doubleday, Page & Co., 590 pp. More than 500 drawings by the author; 3rd edition of the 1912 issue, enlarged by the inclusion of „The Foresters Manual.“ (1922)
Bannertail: The Story of A Gray Squirrel, Scribners (1922)
Manual of the Brownies; Manual of the Brownies, the Little Lodge of the Woodcraft League of America. 6th edition. A pamphlet of 10 pp. Oct., New York. (1922)
The Ten Commandments in the Animal World, Doubleday (1923)
Animals, The Nature Library, Doubleday (Color Plates) (1926)
Lobo, Rag, and Vixen (The Scribner Series of School Reading), Scribners, 147 pp. (1927)
Old Silver Grizzle, Hodder (London) (ca. 1927)
Raggylug and Other Stories, Hodder (London) (ca. 1927)
Chink and Other Stories, Hodder (London) (ca. 1927)
Foam The Razorback, Hodder (London) (ca. 1927)
Johnny Bear and Other Stories, Hodder (London) (ca. 1927)
Lobo and Other Stories, Hodder (London) (ca. 1927)
Animals Worth Knowing, (As Above), The Little Nature Library, Doubleday (No Color Plates) (1928)
1925-1928 Lives of Game Animals (4 Volumes), Doubleday
Blazes on The Trail, Little Peegno Press (3 Pamphlets): Life Craft or Woodcraft; Rise of the Woodcraft Indians; Spartans of the West (1928)
Krag, The Kootenay Ram and Other Stories, University of London Press (1929)
Billy the Dog That Made Good, Hodder (London) (1930)
Cute Coyote and Other Stories, Hodder (London) (1930)
Lobo, Bingo, The Pacing Mustang (1930)
Famous Animal Stories (1932)
Animals Worth Knowing (1934)
Johnny Bear, Lobo and Other Stories, (Modern Standard Authors) Scribners (1935)
The Gospel of the Redman, with Julia Seton, Doubleday (1936)
Biography of An Arctic Fox, Appleton-Century (1937)
Great Historic Animals, Scribners (1937)
Mainly About Wolves (Same as above), Methuen (London) (1937)
Pictographs of the Old Southwest, with other authors, Cedar Rapids (1937)
Buffalo Wind, Private printing of 200 (1938)
Trail and Camp-Fire Stories (1940)
Trail of an Artist-Naturalist: The Autobiography of Ernest Thompson Seton, Scribners (1940)
Santanna, The Hero Dog of France, Limited printing of 500 copies with 300 autographed, Phoenix Press (1945)
The Best of Ernest Thompson Seton (1949)
Ernest Thompson Seton's America; Selections of the writings of the artist-naturalist. New York: Devin-Adair Co. 413 pages Edited with an intro by Farida A. Wiley (1954)
Animal Tracks and Hunter Signs (1958)
The Gospel of the Redman; with Julia M. Seton, Santa Fe NM; Seton Village (1958)
The Worlds of Ernest Thompson Seton. (Edited, with introduction and commentary, by John G. Samson). New York: Knopf. 204 pp. (1976)

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